Thursday, March 10, 2011

A typical crazy morning....

Today started like any other crazy day in my crazy life. James decided to wake up before the sparrows, at 5.45am. He has a head cold, and most kids would probably like a bit of a sleep in, but no, not our little man. He was up, bright and early. I find that, due to his disabilities, one of which is ADHD, when he wakes in the morning, it is like he has been on 'recharge' all night and he wakes up with the energy of a million six year olds.

He came into my bed this morning, and proceeded to kick me in the back, knee me everywhere, headbutt me, wiggle and squirm, make loud, repetitive noises (this is due to his autism) - basically, do the most annoying things any child could ever do at 5.45am. He then announces that he needs the toilet. Ok well, of course, nature calls. So, he's on the toilet and then manages to get the toilet roll holder, turns it upside down, scattering the toilet paper everywhere, and uses it as a 'bus steering wheel'. Then I have to wipe his bum (he can't do this due to his Intellectual Impairment), then he's back in my bed again. By the time I have a quick wee, I come back in and he's taken my Blackberry and is making an 'emergency call'. Great! So, while I'm in the middle of telling him off for this, he's running downstairs to create more havoc. Time: 5.52am. A great way to start the morning. No wonder I'm a caffeine addict!